> Head towards the light

Enough of the mindfulness practice for now. You’ve got to figure out where you are, how you got here, and whatever it was Aliyah was talking about.

You walk through the alley. Scraps of stained cloths litter the sides of the alley. As you approach the well lit street, you begin to hear a child’s voice: “Papers! Get your newspapers here! Find out what’s going right and what’s going wrong. A buck’s all it costs, they’ll be gone before long!”

As you get to the street, you see the news boy standing on a wooden box, holding a paper up as he calls out. The street is empty, but for the boy. It looks to be a main street of a small American town. There’s a hardware store, a small diner, a barber, and a series of little shops running down both sides of the street. All the stores are unlit at this hour. Except for the streetlamps, the only light on is an illuminated barber’s pole that’s rotating outside the barber’s shop.

The paper boy looks at you. “You, miss, I can see it in your eyes. My news will save you from a terrible surprise! Wherever you go you’ll be out of the loop. This headline, you see, it’s a heck of a scoop.”

“So what do you say, will you take a peek? You best decide soon, I won’t be here all week.”

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