> Take the boy up on his offer

You look at the boy, “Sure, I’ll take a paper.”

“A buck it is, not to much, it’s quite cheap. You’ll be glad you met me, my rival’s prices are steep.”

You paw at your gown, and you slowly come to the realization that you don’t have any money. Not a single dollar. You look at the boy sadly.

“I’ve seen that performance more than I’d care to admit. And with all due respect, you’re not good at it. We’ve all gotta eat, and the paper’s my way. But that doesn’t work if folks don’t pay. And really, from you, all dressed up in your gown. I thought I’d score a dollar, but all I got is this frown. I guess I should admire your gall: Trying to swindle a newsy alone in the sprawl.”

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