> Try to bargain

You look at the boy, and you consider what you have to offer.

Are you really in a position to negotiate? You’re in an unknown land, with no money, and no idea who you are or what is happening.

Still, maybe there’s something you can do for the boy.

“You must be awful cold out here in the snow. Maybe if I brought you something warm to eat and drink, maybe then you could consider giving me a paper?”

He looks at you, brow furrowed. “If you have money for food you have money for me. You’re clearly well off, it’s plain as can be. I don’t take credit, and I don’t take grub. But if you keep pushing me, well here’s the rub: Now on, if you come to me without some cash, the prices’ll double 1, 2, 4, 8 bucks in a flash.”

He seems angry, and you step away.

He turns back from you, and looks out at the empty street. “Newspaper! Get your newspapers here!”

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