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You maneuver your body so you stand facing the water. your back is pressing against the door, keeping it from closing.

You reach your hand out, to touch the theoretical glass that should form a barrier between the water and air. Your finger is wet. You pull your finger back quickly. The water feels warm. At least warmer than it is out in the alley.

You push your finger in again. Then your hand. You’re maybe ten feet away from the statue. Too far to reach out and touch it. But you feel a longing to get closer. You move forward, the door closing behind you.

Your foot enters the water. It’s so much warmer, and you imagine the relief you’ll feel in the water.

You put most of your body, inside the water, with just your head and shoulders still outside, pressing against the door. Your feet slip in the sand, and the door pushes the rest of you into the warm water.

As soon as your ears are inside the water, all they can hear is a long, wailing scream coming from the statue in front of you. You look at the stone statue, screaming and covered in algae. You hear her scream, and it is unending. It comes from the chest. A heavy wail, filled with grief.

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