> Approach the woman, cautiously

You swim closer to the woman, and look at her mouth as she sings. Her mouth seems to move with the song. You wonder if this is some sort of optical illusion. The mouth only seeming to move because of the way light bends through the flowing water. But the woman does appear to sing.

As you get closer, you notice how full of life her algae encrusted skin is. There are small fish living in between her armor and her skin. As you get closer, one darts out away from you, and that one fish seems to set off a chain reaction. Fish appear from under her helmet, her gauntlets, her breastplate, and rush off in all different directions away from you.

Looking down at the ground, you can more closely see the tops of the anchors that tie down the chains wrapped around her body. You can make out four large anchors, mostly covered in sand.

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