> Ask 'Who am I?'

“Who am I,” you ask.

“That dramaturge I told you about? He was born in raised in Greece. He liked to quote philosophers a little too much for my taste. He used to like telling me and everyone else ‘I know one thing, I know nothing.’ Plato, I think.”

“Anyways, he loved to claim that he was dumb and naive by quoting philosophers. I think it gave him away to present his ignorance as a positive. Always rubbed me the wrong way.”

Alexi stopped, as if this was any kind of an answer to your question.

“Excuse me?” you ask.


“What does that have to do with who I am?”

“Oh, well you see, I know much more than one thing. I know quite a bit. But all I know is that you’re an audience member, and our five minute break is coming to an end.”

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