> Try to go backstage to talk with the actress in gold

Standing, you begin to walk through the seats to the aisle stage right. Your legs brush against the seats as you walk, and dust coats your gown.

A gown? You’ve spent so much time investigating the director that you’d failed to consider what you’re wearing. And now thick chair dust coats the sides of the black gown’s gently flared trumpet skirt.

No bother, nobody died over a bit of dust. At the aisle, you turn down to walk towards the stage. There’s a few steps onto the stage, and you’ve decided that seems like the easiest way to get backstage.

When you’re a few steps away from the stage, you start to hear loud steps walking towards you from off stage.

Aliyah, wearing her gold suit, walks on stage, turns directly to you, and says “Open your mouth and speak!”

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