Command Log

> Ask where I am
> Ask how I got here
> Ask 'Who are you?'
> Ask 'Who am I?'
> Try to go backstage to talk with the actress in gold
> Say 'How do I get out of here?'
> Go through the fire exit
> Notice how I'm feeling
> Head towards the light
> Take the boy up on his offer
> Try to bargain
> Look in the storefront windows
> Examine the stained cloths in the alley
> Knock on the door
> Examine the door
> Beg to be let in
> Open the door
> Go in
> Cover my ears
> Scream
> Swim up to get air
> Breathe in deep; allow the water to flow in your lungs and mind to silence
> Swim to the woman
> Approach the woman, cautiously
> Comfort the woman
> You stare into the light without blinking, entranced by the luminescent abyss
> Close my eyes
> Open my eyes
> Say "My name is Simone. What's the Sprawl? Why am I here?"
> Imagine a floating city above the clouds, and look out the window to see if it materializes.
> Say, "I guess you oversold it a little," then leave the bus

The story can only continue if we keep getting suggestions.

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