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Cognizance/Observer is for people over 13 years of age. If you do not meet that criteria, you may not use or submit content, and may not sign up for an Observer account.


You can choose to remain anonymous. There is no signup, and the site should work fine if you chose to block 3rd party JavasScript, to disable all analytics.

Your data will be backed up regularly, and the backups tested.

You will be treated with respect and discretion.


You may not make automated requests to the site without prior approval.

You must not abuse the site by knowingly posting malicious code, or links to malicious sites, that could harm other users. If you find a security or privacy bug in ListenLater, I ask that you please report it to me right away by private email.

You may not use the site to harass other users.

The story can only continue if we keep getting suggestions.

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